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Responding to Dramatic Changes
in Our Operating Environment
through Ongoing Provision of Convenient Services

The recent pronounced labor shortage brought on by economic recovery is expected to continue until 2020. The working population continues to decline due to low birthrates and subsequent aging of society, and limitations of the existing work force will make the support of corporate growth increasingly difficult.


At the same time, the Japanese Government proposes several measures to help expand the work force including “promotion of female workers”, “employment of younger workers” and “aggressive employment of non-Japanese workers”. And while not yet clearly stated amongst these measures, the leveraging of “short term labor” solutions is believed to be an unavoidable step in expanding the work force.


Corporate demand for short term labor solutions has always been strong, and the flexibility afforded by short term labor opportunities is also very attractive and important to workers as well. Consequently, “short term labor” solutions are expected to become even more important during the coming five years, and the ability to leverage “short term labor” as part of work force strategies will be extremely important for corporations.


Despite dramatic changes in the operating environment, Fullcast Group endeavors to provide stable human resources services by leveraging our brand recognition to hire large numbers of workers with the desire to work on a ”short term” basis, and cultivating the latent potential of these workers by implementing training to turn them into highly productive assets for corporate clients as part of our “short term labor” solutions business.


In addition, Fullcast Group maintains a strong compliance function that enables our Company to accurately respond to the frequent and numerous changes in the various laws governing the labor market. Furthermore, we will provide detailed information to maintain the understanding and trust of our customers. Moreover, Fullcast Group will aggressively develop and provide new services and solutions that accurately respond to demands of customers, such as responses to deal with the introduction of the tax identification “My Number” system.


In the future, we will provide highly convenient services for both workers and corporate customers, contribute to the appropriate development of the labor market and industry and maintain our position as the most trusted participant in the labor market. We look forward to your feedback and understanding in our various business endeavors.


Fullcast Holdings Co., Ltd.

President and Representative Director CEO

Kazuki Sakamaki