Question About earnings estimate

When do you report financial statements?

First quarter(January-March) : May
Second quarter(April-June) : August
Third quarter(July-September) : November
Fourth quarter(October-December): February
Full-year account settlement:

Question About Fullcast Holdings Co., Ltd.

When was the company established?

In September 1990. For the history of our company, please refer to the “History”.

When was the company listed?

It was listed on the JASDAQ (Japan Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) (over-the-counter market) in June 2001, and on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in September 2003. It moved to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in September 2004.

Question About the Fullcast Group

What are your efforts in corporate governance?

Our Group considers the basic principles and aims of corporate governance to ensure transparent management for all concerned interested parties including shareholders as well as to improve the efficiency of management in order to realize the “sustained improvement of corporate value.”
Fullcast Holdings Co., Ltd. is a company with a Board of Directors, which is comprised of 7 Directors, including 4 Directors (excluding those who are Audit & Supervisory Committee Members) and 3 Directors who are Audit & Supervisory Committee Members, and also a company with an Audit & Supervisory Committee, which is comprised of 3 Directors who are Audit & Supervisory Committee Members.
To achieve the aforementioned basic principles and goals of corporate governance, it is our policy for the composition of the Board of Directors to consist of at least one-third Outside Directors and to report all Outside Directors as Independent Directors as stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We have chosen Outside Directors to serve as 3 of our 7 Directors, and in so doing we aim to strengthen the supervisory function of overall enforcement from an external perspective.
Regarding Directors who are Audit & Supervisory Committee Members, by appointing all 3 as Outside Auditors (one of them being a fulltime Audit & Supervisory Committee Member), we perform effective and appropriate oversight of business execution by Directors, and have put in place a system that ensures objectivity and neutrality.

For details of our corporate governance report, please refer to our corporate
governance code submitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Corporate Governance Report

What are the benefits of your client companies?

The merits of client companies are that they can change labor costs to variable costs, and that client companies can place orders for all stages of operations, namely development, production and distribution, as they adjust labor in accordance with schedules and operating volumes. In addition, recruitment, training, and people management are able to be omitted.

What are the Group’s views and approaches to compliance?

The Fullcast Group, a provider of human resources services, acknowledges that is has a social responsibility by the nature of its business, and must therefore contribute to society. To do this, the Group believes that it is essential to bolster compliance.

All employees of the Fullcast Group across the board have been sincere in taking steps to observe corporate ethics and demonstrate the sound judgment and common sense required by companies, in addition to complying with laws and ordinances and internal rules.

Specifically, the Group has taken the initiatives described below.

(1) Strengthening of the Compliance Office, Compliance Promotion Department
To bolster compliance, we appointed compliance officers for each region. These officers are responsible for ensuring compliance.

(2) Developing an internal business audit function
To prevent dispatching workers to exceptional operations prohibited under Paragraph 1 of Article 4 of the Worker Dispatch Law, the Group has strengthened the internal business audit function so that the dispatching in question is identified and prevented in advance. It has also improved the system of on-site checking executed by the Compliance Office.

(3) Ongoing compliance training
We have been providing compliance training, targeting management personnel, including worker dispatchers and branch managers, and all other employees of the Company.

(4) Briefing of corporate clients
To improve compliance awareness at our corporate customers, we have created a pamphlet for companies and are providing briefings.

(5) Detailed explanation to temporary staff members
We are stepping up our explanations on services prohibited under Section 1 of Article 4 of the Worker Dispatching Law to temporary worker applicants at the time of the registration orientation meeting.

When dealing with staff and client companies, with the full awareness of each employee representing the company, we strive to focus on integrity, accuracy, and promptness, fulfilling the trust and expectations of customers and achieving full compliance.

The Fullcast Group will continue to take the initiatives described above to ensure compliance, and is committed to fair and appropriate business.

Question About stocks

What is your securities code?

Our securities code is 4848.

How many shares have you issued so far?

37,486,400 shares (as of the end of December 2021).

Do you have any hospitality programs for stockholders?

No, we don't.

When do you hold a general meeting of stockholders?

We hold it in the latter ten days of March every year.

How many shareholders do you have?

3,837 shareholders (as of the end of December 2021).

Whom should we contact when we transfer stocks, or an address is changed?

The Sumitomo Trust and Banking Co., Ltd., which is our representative for transfer of
title. Please refer to the Shareholder information for contact information.