Disclosure Policy


This page provides an explanation that will help individuals visiting our homepage to better understand Fullcast Holdings' Disclosure Policy.

1. Disclosure policy

Fullcast Holdings Co., Ltd. has made disclosure in compliance with the rules for timely disclosing company information by issuers of listed stocks (referred to below as the "timely disclosure provision") set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
The timely disclosure provision requests companies to make disclosure in a timely manner whenever information arises concerning decisions, material facts or operating results that will influence investment decisions, or when companies receive an inquiry from the Japan Securities Dealers Association, or in situations such as a material change or nullification concerning the contents of important company information that has already been disclosed. Furthermore, it is Fullcast Holdings' policy to disclose as actively and impartially as possible all information that will meet the needs of investors even when such information is not subject to the timely disclosure provision, such as details released at the Company's explanation meetings.

2. Information disclosure procedure

In accordance with the timely disclosures provision, Fullcast Holdings publicly releases information
subject to the provision on TDnet, the timely disclosure and information release system maintained by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, after giving a prior explanation of the information to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
With regard to the publication of information released publicly via TDnet on the Company's homepage,
Fullcast Holdings has determined it will publish such information on its website promptly after it
announced the information to the mass media. Depending upon the circumstances required to prepare publication tools other than
PDF files, in some cases the time required to publish such information on the Company's homepage may be delayed. Furthermore, even when releasing information that is not subject to the timely disclosure provision,
Fullcast Holdings seeks to ensure that the information in question is communicated to general investors as accurately and impartially as possible by an appropriate procedure, based on the intent of timely disclosure.
Accordingly, when seeking verification of information disclosed by Fullcast Holdings,
individuals are also encouraged to review materials available from other sources such as the disclosure
materials published on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's homepage, and to refer to such information in conjunction with this homepage.

3. Forward-looking statements

In addition to earnings forecasts submitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Fullcast Holdings may provide guidance from time to time concerning its future outlook, to enable investors and securities analysts to prepare their own projections concerning Fullcast Holdings' operating results. Information on the Company's outlook in either oral or written form may also be included occasionally in other media that are broadly and generally released.
The management messages to shareholders, presentations, question and answer sessions, documents published by Fullcast Holdings, and information that is presented on this website, such as the plans, forecasts and strategies of the Fullcast Group, may also be presented in the above publicly accessible media.
In any case, statements that are not based on historical fact are projections prepared based on certain assumptions and judgments made by Fullcast Holdings’ management from information available at the time.
Accordingly, Fullcast Holdings urges readers to refrain from relying solely on such projections when investigating topics such as the Company's operating results or company value.
Fullcast Holdings also reminds readers to understand that because of a variety of factors, the Company's actual operating results may vary substantially from such projections.
Material factors that may influence the Company's actual operating results include (1) changes to the economic circumstances (industrial-production index, inventory index, etc.) and employment situation surrounding the Company, (2) damage to companies' infrastructure as a result of disasters such as earthquakes and (3) changes to relevant laws and ordinances such as the Labor Standards Law and the Worker Dispatch Law that apply to the business conducted by the Fullcast Group, or changes in the interpretation of such laws. However, the factors that may have an affect on the Company's operating results are not limited to those indicated above.
Moreover, Fullcast Holdings will not always review its future outlook despite the availability of new information, future events or other results.

4. Information disclosure to third parties and third party projections of operating results

At separate meetings held with parties such as institutional investor analysts, Fullcast Holdings discusses only information such as facts that have already been disclosed, well-known facts, or information that is restricted to the general business environment.

5. Positioning of the Company's homepage

To supply it to the service for the people to whom our information wants to be retrieved on the Internet, this homepage is opened. After seeing the present Internet and spreading conditions such as E-mail in all parts of the world, fullcast Holdings thinks that it cannot help locating information disclosure using these real telecommunication technologies as a supplementary to the end an information disclosure tool.
Moreover, all of information to which our company is doing the disclosure might not be placed in this homepage. Moreover, the method of an expression different from information disclosed by other methods might be done.
Please our company is not acknowledged for the trouble etc. caused by the data download etc. though the content of publishing is descended with scrupulous care of assuming all the responsibilities.
This Web site is not the one having aimed at the investment solicitation. The decision concerning the investment must be done when you judge it of the user oneself.
Individuals accessing this homepage are asked to use the information provided herein based on a thorough understanding of this disclaimer.

6. Disclosure-based conversations with the market

Fullcast Holdings promotes the conversation with the market in the range when there is no obstacle in the management strategy by positive Disclosure.

7. Quiet Period

In the United States, a "quiet period" immediately prior to the announcement of operating results has been established to prevent leaks of information that will influence a company's stock price during the period when a company is preparing its operating results announcements.
Fullcast Holdings has also adopted this practice, and we refrain from commenting on or answering questions concerning Fullcast Holdings' operating results from the next day of the accounting period to the announcement of our financial results as a "quiet period." However, in the event that expectations which diverge substantially from the Company's projection emerge during the "quiet period," Fullcast Holdings will disclose through a press release such information as it deems appropriate.

8. Conditions of use and other matters

When retrieving information concerning Fullcast Holdings from this homepage, users are urged not only to refer to this Disclosure Policy, but also to consult the conditions of use and other notes that are published separately.